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Friday Night Social is for anyone looking to meet new people, going to events or exploring new places in and around Edinburgh.

Join us and be part of the best International Club in Edinburgh. Edinburgh International Society choose perfect places to go and relax after work while meeting like-minded people.

If you enjoy eating outdoors in a fun, friendly atmosphere? — come join us! It’s that time of the year where we start to celebrate the summer!

Party people from all over the world gather to bring in the new year at one of the world’s biggest outdoor parties under the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh International Science Festival, founded in 1989, is an educational charity that aims to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the world around them.

On the 30th April as the sun sets, #BeltaneFestival actors and dancers will be be re-imagining the ancient #Celtic festival of #Beltane for the thirtieth time. Beltane Festival will mark the changing seasons with a wild mix of drums, fire and physical theatre – on a scale not seen anywhere else in the world.

Each year’s Tattoo is very much a ‘global gathering’ – showcasing the talents of musicians and performers from every corner of the globe.

For three weeks in August the Fringe opens the doors, streets and alleyways of an entire city to an explosion of creative energy from around the globe.

The Book Festival welcomes around 1000 authors in over 800 events this year.

A tremendous celebration of Scottish storytelling and of the world wide connections which storytelling can bring.

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Leith Festival is all about the community of Leith. We have 9 days of events, 11th – 19th June 2016, organised for the people of Leith by the people of Leith. It gives the…

17 Academy Street, Leith. Edinburgh. EH6 7EE

The Mound is an artificial hill in central Edinburgh, Scotland, which connects Edinburgh’s New Town and Old Town. It was formed by dumping around 1,501,000 cartloads of…

The Mound, Edinburgh