Join us on the dance floor for this fabulous evening of dancing.. When the weather is nice, there’s no better fun than our friends! 🙂 Now it’s time for you to come out and finally enjoy a COMPLETE SATURDAY NIGHT EXPERIENCE!

Put your dancing shoes on and be swept away with the rhythmic blends of your favorite dance song! Come social night on this fantastic evening and bring your friends to celebrate this exciting every week with lots of fun dancing!

International Society choose perfect places to go and relax after work while meeting like-minded people. It is going to be another great event with many new people attending so if this is your first time, don’t worry you will not be the only one, just come with a smile, introduce yourself and we will mingle you with other people.

Join International‘s and be part of the best society in Edinburgh!

This event is for who would like to:

The venue is the very classic The Library Bar by Teviot which also serves a wide selection of  drinks. Look out for the Edinburgh International Society notices, message us! – Entry is Free.

After Friday Night Social we will go to the Edinburgh Pub Crawl with Free VIP Pub Crawl ticket for every member who attended the event. If you are interested in to join us for clubbing, we need a guest list down for the club, Please RSVP Edinburgh Friday to avoid any disappointment.

Edinburgh Picnics and Social EventsLet’s get together for a relaxed chat and some quality drinks 😉



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Membership: For safety and ease of identifying people at events, members must have a clear photo of themselves and use their real first name. We reserve the right to turn down applications or terminate memberships at any point without reason, if deemed unsuitable for our group.

Friday Night Social Event

Networking Partner : Friday Night Social

Friday Night Social is for anyone looking to meet new people while having a drink or doing something a little bit cultured. Events are a mixture of meeting up for drinks, going to events or exploring new places in and around Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Edinburgh International Society is a multicultural volunteer community in Edinburgh area which organise social events including Friday Night Social, Night clubs, Language Exchanges, Cultural Events (Wednesday Night Social) International Dinners, After work drinks, Pub Crawls, Nightclubs on Saturday, Picnics, Day trips, Walking Tours, Photography Walking Tours on (Sunday and Mondays) and more about Livingston and Edinburgh things to do. As well as offering top-class activities that give you the chance to pursue hobbies and make new friends, Edinburgh International Society is also a great Alternative to Edinburgh Nightclubs there are many opportunities to meet with like-minded people.

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The International Society | HQ Edinburgh, Scotland