On the 30th April as the sun sets, Beltane Festival actors and dancers will be be re-imagining the ancient Celtic festival of #Beltane for the thirtieth time. They’ll mark the changing seasons with a wild mix of drums, fire and physical theatre – on a scale not seen anywhere else in the world.

Be prepared for a chilly night on a hill with semi-naked dancers and a lot of fire!

Tickets are £9 (£8 ticket + £1 booking fee) and can be bought online but MUST be picked up by the cardholder only OR can be bought in person at the Rose Street office (Ticket’s Scotland) by 5pm on Sunday. Tickets CANNOT be picked up at Calton Hill before the event starts.

The event is on Calton Hill and the only entrance this year is #WaterlooPlace (stairs) although we can exit any way supposedly, so I propose we meet at Mariott The Glass and walk up together. It’s going to be VERY busy, so best we not lose anyone!! We will be allowed to bring drinks with us up the hill – just no glass!

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