Official Guide to the Edinburgh Events!

Our aim is to develop a unique community centred around city of Edinburgh. It is the goal of Edinburgh Events to be sculpted and directed by the people that stand to benefit most from the site: the users themselves, creating a vast pool of city knowledge.

Join our Edinburgh Events Community page to keep you up-to-date and informed about what’s hot and happening in our city…

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What's Edinburgh Events ?

The Edinburgh Events Guide is where you can read guides to the best places you’ll want to visit, things to do, Edinburgh Nightclubs, Edinburgh Tours, new attractions, Pub Crawls and featuring reviews of the Upcoming Events ..

Who's it for?

Our target audience is anyone who has an interest in Edinburgh, you don't have to live in Edinburgh to love Edinburgh, in fact it's easier if you don't! We require our members to be over 21 years of age to enter join our team.

How do I get listed on Edinburgh Events?

If you would like your business listed on Edinburgh Events we have a number of options for you to explore. You may wish to contact sponsorship and newsletter advertising opportunities.

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